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Outstanding Well Water Purification Systems

Well Water Purification, chlorination systemWell Water Purification Systems involves the removal of contaminants from well water to produce drinking water for human consumption. Substances that are removed during the process of drinking Water Purification include suspended solids, bacteria, algae, viruses, fungi, and minerals such as iron and manganese. Give our Water Purification Company a call today to get the safest and best tasting well water today!

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Superb Sulfur and Iron Treatment Systems

Treating your well for sulfur and iron does more than just improve the taste of your drinking water. Sulfur and Iron Treatment Systems prevents your well water from damaging your plumbing fixtures, staining silverware and laundry. Your drinking water from your well will be crystal clear and will not smell like rotten eggs.

How Does Sulfur Get Into My Water?

Sulfur, or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), is what is responsible for the “rotten egg” smell found in many Florida wells. Because the water is below ground and not exposed to the atmosphere, the subsurface environment is generally classified as anaerobic or chemically reducing. This provides ideal conditions for the formation of H2S. Oxidized forms of sulfur (primarily sulfates and bisulfates) tend to be reduced back toward its elemental form, where H2S is an intermediate step. It can cause corrosion in the plumbing system, and in many cases is accompanied by sulfur eating bacteria.

What are the signs of bacteria in your well water?

There are several signs that may indicate that bacteria are present. Your water may have a yellow, red or orange hue to it. Rusty slime deposits may form inside your toilet tanks. Does your water smell like fuel oil, or sewage? Sometimes the odor will only be apparent in the morning or after other extended periods of non-use.

Removal of Sulfur Eating Bacteria

The our Water Purification Company SuperGreen system uses Chlorine Tablets for regeneration, killing all bacteria in the mineral bed. Perfect for treating Iron and Sulfur up to 3ppm. This system goes before a water softener for the prevention of resin bed fouling. This allows for good, clean, soft water on wells that lasts a lifetime!

S.I.R. Neutralizer

Our Neutralizer media works on a principle whereby the Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron and Manganese are oxidized and trapped on the media while simple back washing cleans the bed. During the backwash process of the Well Water Purification System, the oxygen sucked into the system helps with oxidizing and then removal of the undesired minerals from the mineral bed.

It is widely accepted that sulfate may promote the production of toxic methylmercury (MeHg) by a process known as methylation under conditions when sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) are thriving. There is also increasing evidence that other types of bacteria can methylate mercury, namely iron-reducing and methangenic bacteria, though it is believed that SRB are the dominant mercury methylaters in natural systems. Because of this, it may be more than just the smell that you need to be concerned about. With our Water Purification Company’s S.I.R. Neutralizer, you now have that problem solved.

Excellent Well Water Chlorination Systems

A Well Water Chlorination System is usually combined with an inline carbon filter and it is an excellent and practical way to decontaminate your drinking water from your well. It will get rid of odors, oxidize iron, and other metals found in Florida’s wells


How does Well Water Chlorination Systems Work?

When the Well Water Pump kicks on, the Chlorine Pump automatically injects Chlorine into the Mixing Tank from the Storage Tank of the Well Water Purification System. Once the Chlorine is in the Mixing Tank, it will then kill off Bacteria, break down Organics, and Oxidize Iron. It also allows for heavy substances to settle to the bottom of the tank. These impurities can then be manually purged from the Mixing Tank periodically.

After the water has had enough contact with the Chlorine, it then goes into the inline carbon filter, where the remaining Iron, Chlorine, and other substances are removed. Our Water Purification Company’s inline carbon filter will automatically back flushes the contaminates it collects every few days.

Well Water Chlorination Systems Removes

  • Odor
  • Iron Bacteria
  • Organic Waste
  • Color
  • Sulfur & More