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5 Insane Ways Hard Water Affects Your Hair

woman with dry hair5 Insane Ways Hard Water Affects Your Hair Whenever you shower at a hotel or at a friend's home, you may have noticed a difference in your hair. The characteristics of shower water may determine how well your hair care products work. Soaps and detergents behave differently in hard water. Unexplained hair damage, color fade, dullness, or dehydration may be caused by your water supply. Did you know that Hard Water Affects Your Hair? No! The minerals that are present in your hard water can make it difficult to achieve a thorough rinse, causing buildup in your hair. You could wash your hair several times a day thinking it will fix your problem, but each time you leave the shower you will have the same result. This problem is coming from your water. The following signs are hard water is affecting your hair. Hair feels filmy, straw-like, dull and/or limp...

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Why Is My Water Brown

rust in sinkWhy Is My Water Brown Have you ever turned on the faucet expecting to see clear water but instead you see your water with a red, yellow or brown hue to it? Have you noticed rust-colored stains on your clothes or appliance? Reddish-brown rust is an alarming color to see in your drinking water. Don’t panic as it’s most likely iron contamination. Iron is the 4th most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It is also present in groundwater. As pipes and well casting age, corrode and rust, they can leech into the water as the water flows through it. Common Causes For Your Water To Be Brown Over time, corrosion deposits such as rust and minerals can become trapped in the water lines and make their way into your plumbing system in several ways. Long-Standing water is in contact with oxidized iron particles Increase water usage The fire services...

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Why Does Florida Water Analysis Need To Come To My House?

testing water qualityYou may be thinking, "Why do I need a Home Water Test?" That's a good question and there are a few really good reasons why we do at-home visits instead of over the phone consultations.  In-Home Water Testing Your water needs to be tested! There is no way we can tell what's affecting your water by talking about it. As a water treatment expert, your water testing technician can perform a basic water test to analyze your water and show you the results, all in the comfort of your home. Typical Florida Water Problems You may be wondering, "What's in my water?" All counties around Florida have different challenges to overcome. Your testing technician is an expert on water. Not just any water, your water. There are many water problems, like hard water, that are common across the state of Florida, your water is unique.  To begin, take a moment...

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12 Things Know During A Boil Water Advisory

water boiling during a water boil advisory  A Boil Water Advisory is a public health recommendation for residents to boil tap water for at least one minute before drinking it. This is in response to an event that could have allowed contaminants to enter the water distribution system. The boiled water is used for washing fruits and vegetables, making ice, washing dishes, or using it for brushing your teeth. A Boil Water Advisory is made to protect your health. When a Boil Water Advisory is issued there is known microbiological contamination in the water supply or there is a risk that contamination may be present in the water supply. Advisories are made under the Public Health Act. Typically, a Boil Water Advisory is issued after a water main break, small or widespread loss of pressure in the water system, or during a natural disaster.   Table Of Contents: 1. Can I Drink Tap Water During A...

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5 Shocking Health Risks Of Chlorine In Tap Water

shower head  Chlorine is the number one contaminate in our drinking water! This chemical is added to our water supply as a way to purify water and kill off microorganisms and other waterborne pathogens. Chlorine has several side effects as well. The municipality does not simply use chlorine because it is the safest and most effective means of disinfection, rather because it is the cheapest method. Discover the Health Risks Of Chlorine below: Table Of Contents: 1. Risk of Cancer 2. Hazardous To Your Child’s Health 3. Cell Damage 4. Asthma Risk 5. Heart Problems What Can I Do About My Chlorine Contaminated Water Conclusion 1. Risk of Cancer Researchers have found that people who drink and bathe in chlorinated water over a long period of time have a greater risk of getting bladder, rectal and breast cancers. Studies have shown that by-products created in the chlorine disinfection process create trihalomethanes...

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Why Is There Chlorine In Tap Water

senior drinking waterPeople had long battled a variety of health problems that were spread through water before chlorine was added to tap water. This included diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. When scientist discovered that chlorine is an effective disinfectant, that changed everything. Why? Chlorine was added to public water supplies to kill off disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. These pathogens commonly grow in water reservoirs, on walls of water mains and in storage tanks. Chlorine has been accepted as the savior against cholera and other waterborne diseases. Chlorines’ disinfectant qualities have allowed communities and whole cities to grow and prosper by providing disease-free tap water.   Table Of Contents: Disinfecting With Chlorine Has A Price How Much Chlorine Is In Tap Water Is Chlorine Bad For Me Is Chlorine Bad To Breathe What Does Chlorine Do To Your Body What Kind Of Chlorine Is Used In Drinking...

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How Can Nutrient Pollution Affect Me

cars causing nutrient pollution  How Can Nutrient Pollution Affect Me? Nutrient pollution is the fuel for harmful algal blooms. Nutrient runoff and the algal blooms can create toxins and compounds that are dangerous to your health. There are many ways that humans and pets can be exposed to these compounds. A water filtration device can help filter out unwanted nutrient pollution that is in your water supply. Table Of Contents: What Is Nutrient Pollution What’s So Bad About Nutrients Where Is Nutrient Pollution Found What Is Nutrient Pollution Caused By The Effects Of Nutrient Pollution What Is The Most Common Source Of Nutrient Pollution Direct Exposure To The Algal Blooms Drinking Water That Has Nitrates In It Water Treatment Byproducts Nutrient Pollution Solutions Residents Farms Cities Conclusion What Is Nutrient Pollution Nutrient Pollution is a form of water pollution. This type of pollution refers to the excessive nutrients in the water. It is...

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What Is The Ideal PH For Drinking Water

Happy woman drinking water from a glassThe PH, or potential hydrogen level, is a measurement ranging from 0-14. Levels that are below 7 are considered acidic with levels greater than 7 are considered to be alkaline, and a PH of 7 is neutral. To be sure that your drinking water pH is safe for drinking, you want to verify that the waters' PH level falls within a range of 6 - 8.5. Ideal PH For Drinking Water Is 6 - 8.5 With the PH level ranging from 6 - 8.5, the water is considered to be safe. This is because the water is neither acidic nor alkaline enough to be dangerous to the human body. If the water has a PH of less than 6 then the water can be corrosive and be filled with toxic metals. Water that has a PH that is higher than 8.5 can be hard, which poses less of a health...

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7 Shocking Ways Prescription Drugs Can Get Into Our Drinking Water

prescription drugs flushed down the toiletAre you worried about Prescription Drugs In Your Drinking Water? No, should I be? First of all these drugs are present in trace amounts in the drinking water supply, there isn't an imminent danger to human health. Experts are concerned about the long-term effects of repeated exposure because they have the potential to be toxic to humans. In the western world, people expect their drink water to be safe. This is why the 2016 lead-contamination water crisis in Flint, Michigan, evoked such a widespread public and political outrage. Often overlooked, the reality that in addition to the possible presence of toxic metals, there are likely pharmaceutical drugs in our water supply. Here's the real shocker. The presence of pharmaceutical drugs is not regulated in our water supply. "People may find it hard to believe, but this country still doesn't require our drinking water systems to remove prescription drugs from our...

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6 Shocking Costs of Hard Water

cost of hard waterHard water is one of the most common problems you will experience with your water supply. Water becomes hard when it contains too many minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water problems range from a few inconveniences to major plumbing issues. As you use your water, you need to be made aware of the hidden costs of hard water and how to deal with them. From your pipes and appliances to your hair and skin, hard water touches just about everything in your home. Since water is involved in most of your daily routine, the effects of hard water are felt everywhere, your wallet included. In the short term, the cost seems negligible, but over the course of a year they build up. Multiply that over the water softener's lifespan, and you are well beyond pocket change.   Hard Water Affects Your Wallet In Four Main Areas By using...

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