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Why is My Water Brown

rusty sinkHave you ever turned on the faucet expecting to see clear water but instead you see your water with a red, yellow or brown hue to it? Have you noticed rust colored stains on your clothes or appliance? Reddish brown rust is alarming color to to see in your drinking water. Don’t panic as it’s most likely iron contamination. Iron is the 4th most common mineral in the earth’s crust. It is also present in ground water. As pipes and well casting age, corrode and rust, they can leech into the water as the water flows through it.

Common Causes For Your Water To Be Brown

Over time, corrosion deposits such as rust and minerals can become trapped in the water lines and make their way into your plumbing system through several ways.

  • Long Standing water is in contact with oxidised iron particles
  • Increase water usage
  • The fire services using hydrants for emergencies
  • Resuming water flow after repairs
  • An old or damaged service pipe

Can Iron In My Water Affect My Health

City water is filtered for iron, but the utility company only reduces the iron levels below the legal concentration limit. This limit is 0.3 mg/L. Iron isn’t remove completely. Our Water Treatment Company has Iron Treatment Systems that will remove the iron from your water. Don’t hesitate any longer. Give Florida Water Analysis a call today!

I Use A Private Well

Private wells are not usually filtered. If there are iron in the source water or from your pipes, it will remain there until you filter it out. Our Iron Treatment Systems will remedy this problem.

Why Call Florida Water Analysis

Iron contamination in your water is not dangerous, but can cause undesirable odors, tastes, colors, stains, slimes, and in the case of iron bacteria, can create an environment for other harmful organisms to grow. There are so many different kinds of iron in water. Florida Water Analysis can identify which form you are dealing with to determine which type of removal Iron Treatment System will work.

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