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3 Shocking Ways Prescription Drugs Can Get Into Our Drinking Water

Salt Water SoftenersPrescription Drugs can get into our water supply in a few different ways. This is true even though the city sewer system uses a filtration system. The particles of prescription drugs are too fine to be caught in the system. Below are 3 ways our water treatment team knows of and how prescription drugs can enter your water supply.

1. Flushing Prescription Drugs

One of the ways prescription drugs can get into our water supply is that people are flushing their unused and expired prescriptions down the toilet. The prescription drugs dissolves in the waste water and becomes too fine to be caught in any city sewer filtration system. The water from the sewage is filtered and chlorinated but the prescription drugs remain in the water.

2. Human Excretion

The less obvious way that prescription drugs get into the water supply is that people who take the prescription drugs cannot metabolize the entire pill. Roughly about a quarter of that drug isn't metabolize and gets flushed down the toilet after they use the restroom. The prescription drugs makes its way into the sewer system that ultimately makes into our water supply.

3. Animal Excretion

Factory farms are another source of prescription drug runoff. These factory farmed animals are given a cocktail of antibiotics, powerful steroidal growth hormones, and other drugs in concentration to maximize the health and size of the animal. Just as we saw in human excretion having a small percent of prescription drugs in them due to not metabolizing the entire prescription drug, so do large farm animals. Since factory farms are big business and they raise a whole lot of animals, the waste the animals create will eventually get into our soil and water table.

The EPA Findings

  • Opioids, acid reflux and congestive heart failure prescription drugs were common
  • Over-the-counter drugs like Tylenol and ibuprofen were common
  • The highest prescription drug levels were high blood pressure drugs

How Can Florida Water Analysis Help

Clearly, prescription drugs in the drinking water is a huge, underreported problem which officials are barely addressing. Just as we saw in Flint Michigan, what we don't know about water safety can indeed hurt us. If prescription drugs in your drinking water is worrying you, and it should be, you can have your water tested by an expert. Don't rely on your city's report. You will get a much more accurate report from a private water testing company. Our Reverse Osmosis System may be able to help. Call our Water Treatment Company today to get your free water test.

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