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Water Treatment Tips

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5 Shocking Health Risks Of Chlorine In Tap Water

Chlorine In Tap WaterChlorine is the number one contaminate in our drinking water! This chemical is added to our water supply as a way to purify water and kill off microorganisms and other waterborne pathogens. Chlorine has several side effects as well. The municipality does not simply use chlorine because it is the safest and most effective means of disinfection, rather because it is the cheapest method.

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Why Is There Chlorine In Tap Water

Chlorine In Tap WaterPeople had long battled a variety of health problems that were spread through water, including diseases such as cholera, dysentery, and typhoid. When scientist discovered that chlorine is an effective disinfectant, that changed everything. It was added to public water supplies to kill off disease-causing pathogens, such as bacteria, viruses, and protozoans. These pathogens commonly grow in water reservoirs, on walls of water mains and in storage tanks.

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How Can Nutrient Pollution Affect Me

Nutrient PollutionNutrient runoff is the fuel for harmful algal blooms. Nutrient pollution and the algal blooms can create toxins and compounds that are dangerous to your health. There are many ways that humans and pets can be exposed to these compounds.

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What Is Nutrient Pollution

Nutrient PollutionNutrient Pollution is a form of water pollution. This type of pollution refers to the excessive nutrients in the water. It is a primary cause of eutrophication of surface waters, in which excess nutrients, usually nitrogen or phosphorus, stimulate algal growth. This is one of Florida's most widespread, costly and challenging environmental problems. When too much nitrogen and phosphorus enters a body of water - usually from a wide range of human activities - the water can become polluted.

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6 Shocking Costs of Hard Water

Costs of Hard WaterHard water is one of the most common problems you will experience with your water supply. Water becomes hard when it contains too many minerals such as calcium and magnesium. Hard water problems range from a few inconveniences to major plumbing issues. As you use your water, you need to be made aware of the hidden costs of hard water and how to deal with them. These problems include the following

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7 Important Facts To Understand When Reading Your Water Quality Report

water reportA water quality report, also known as a consumer confidence report, lets you know what contaminants are in your drinking water if any, and how these contaminants may affect your health. The report will list all the regulated contaminants that were detected in your water over the previous year.

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What Is The Ideal PH For Drinking Water

woman drinking waterThe PH, or potential hydrogen level, is a measurement ranging from 0-14. Levels that are below 7 are considered acidic with levels greater than 7 are considered to be alkaline, and a PH of 7 is neutral. To be sure that your water is safe for drinking, you want to verify that the waters' PH level falls within a range of 6 - 8.5.

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Why is My Water Brown

rusty sinkHave you ever turned on the faucet expecting to see clear water but instead you see your water with a red, yellow or brown hue to it? Have you noticed rust colored stains on your clothes or appliance? Reddish brown rust is alarming color to to see in your drinking water. Don’t panic as it’s most likely iron contamination.

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9 Major Facts To Know To Stay Healthy During A Boil Water Advisory

boiling waterA Boil Water Advisory is a public health recommendation for residents to boil tap water for at least one minute before drinking it. This is in response to an event that could have allowed contaminants to enter the water distribution system. The boiled water is used for washing fruits and vegetables, making ice, washing dishes, or using it for brushing your teeth.

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3 Huge Differences Between A Water Filter And A Water Softener

water faucetWhen choosing between a water softener and a water filtration system, the most common question that needs to be answered is: what is the final quality of water that I get? Below I will outline 3 major differences between these types of systems and what kind of results you should expect.

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5 Insane Ways Hard Water Affects Your Hair

woman with dry hairUsing hard water when taking a shower or bath can cause a lot of damage to your hair. Below you will find five insane problems that your hair goes through when you bathe in hard water.

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3 Shocking Ways Prescription Drugs Can Get Into Our Drinking Water

Prescription Drugs can get into our water supplyPrescription Drugs can get into our water supply in a few different ways. This is true even though the city sewer system uses a filtration system. The particles of prescription drugs are too fine to be caught in the system. Below are 3 ways our water treatment team knows of and how prescription drugs can enter your water supply

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How Does A Reverse Osmosis System Work

Reverse Osmosis SystemReverse Osmosis is a process in which dissolved inorganic solids are removed from water. This is achieved by the plumbing water pressure pushing the water through a membrane. A reverse osmosis system is capable of removing up to 99 percent of contaminants that are suspended in your drinking water.

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Save Money And Time On The Things You Do Everyday

Water Treatment Tips, Salt Water SoftenersThey are numerous benefits in using a water softener in your home. Did you know that you can save money on your bills too? How you may ask. For starters you will spend less money on cleaning supplies, energy to run your appliances and your appliances lifespan will increase. Let me explain how you can save money on using a water softener

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Why Is My Skin Dry And Itchy After I Take A Shower

Water Treatment Tips, Salt Water SoftenersHave you ever ran your finger across your skin after drying off after a shower? If you have you may have notice a little bit of friction. This friction is caused by the soap that is left behind that your hard water wasn't able to wash away. This is because your soap isn't able to clean or lather in hard water like it is able to in soft water

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Do You Have Smelly Water In Your Florida Home

Water Treatment Tips, Salt Water SoftenersIf your home has a private well, then you may have noticed some weird smells coming from your kitchen and bathroom faucets. You may hesitate using the water to take a shower with. If you notice smells from your water then more than likely you have problems with your water supply. The smells may come from a variety of sources ranging from chlorine, sulfur, iron or a chemical contamination. You need to call a professional water treatment company today to get safe water! Our Free Water Test will determine what is in your water.

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