Superior Salt Water Softeners

Salt Water SoftenersAccording to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), most of the ground water found in Florida contains between 121 and 180 milligrams per liter of hard minerals. The minerals, including calcium and magnesium dissolved in the water and are usually invisible until you notice the hard water stains in your tub or on your glassware.

Our Salt Water Softeners contains the highest quality Resin & Carbon to help eliminate the side effects of hard water. These systems are designed for the long haul. Utilizing this workhorse of the industry, our metered system outlasts the competition.

These Water Conditioners Regenerates with Salt or Potassium. Metered valves save money on salt, regenerating only when necessary. Tannins Resin may be added instead of carbon to remove tannic acid. Call our Water Treatment Company today to get rid of your hard water problems!

Salt Water Softening Systems Removes

Call us today for a Salt Water Softener to remove Poor Taste, Odor, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Radon, Arsenic, Chlorine, Hardness, Sediment, Chloramines, Lead, & other minerals from your homes drinking water.

Benefit Of A Ion Exchange Metered Water Softener

  • NSF Certified Vortech Tank
  • Catalytic Carbon
  • UV Resistant Jacket
  • High Efficiency Resin
  • Metered Control Valve
  • Proudly Made In the USA

Benefit Of A Stainless Steel Premium Water Softener

  • High Efficiency Metered Controls
  • Premium Softening Resin (ultra high chlorine resistance)
  • Catalytic Carbon (chloramine removal)
  • KDF Media (bacteria control)
  • Stainless Steel Tank Jacket
  • Proudly Made In the USA
  • Built to Last – Lifetime Warranty

If you are looking for a Salt Water Softener for your Florida Home, then please call (863) 662-5570 or complete our Free Water Test request form.

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