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What Is An S5 Reverse Osmosis System

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Video Transcription

“Today we’re going to talk about the S5 Reverse Osmosis System.

Hi, my name is Geno Yauchler owner of Florida Water Analysis we are here today to talk about our S5 and S6 reverse osmosis systems In which we call the S5 and S6.

Now on the S5 you have the five stages. You have the first stage which is a 5-micron filter and then you have the second two stages that are the 5 Micron carbon block filters. The first stage will filter out things like sediment, things that are relatively big. When we say big we measure things in microns so for example, a paperclip is about roughly three hundred microns wide, a human hair is maybe a hundred microns wide so 5 microns is pretty small okay and then the next stage here is filtering out the same size but is filtering out different things so we’re looking at things like taste and odor we’re also removing chlorine other heavy metals so there’s a lot more happening in those two stages and the Redundant meaning there’s two of them, so that it’ll take out more.

It is preparing it for the membrane. The membrane is inside this housing here and that’s going to filter down 0.005 microns so we’re talking about a very small amount, in fact, I made an error 0.0005 so it’s even smaller.

If you look at the average period at the end of a sentence it’s about eight million times larger than little pores inside the system so it’s very powerful.

It’s a powerful purification system. You put this on City water on well water and it really is amazing the taste of the water there’s nothing.

After it goes through the membrane it’s going to enter the tank. Now the tank is for storage purposes only. It is lined with a polypropylene bladder that’s flexible. So if anybody watching this is on a well you know that your pump kicks on when the pressure goes down and then it fills the tank back up, same thing this does as the pressure comes down on this, it has a sensor in there and so the tank will actually fill up and then go back to full and then it shuts down. It does it all without electricity, which is pretty amazing.

After it goes into the tank and you say hey I want to take one of my fancy faucets, whichever color you like we got just about any color you would ever want and I turned it on, you’re going to get purified water that comes out of there and then it goes in through a taste and odor filter. Just one more to make sure the water is clean and fresh tasting as possible so that the S5 system

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