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What Is A Water Conditioner And How Does It Work?

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Video Transcription

“Today we are going to talk about the no-salt water conditioning system otherwise known as The DualCon.

Hi my name is Geno Yauchler I am the owner of Florida Water Analysis we’re here in the warehouse today to talk about a couple of different things we’re going to specifically talk about the no saltwater conditioner and that’s what we have here.

The new saltwater conditioner is a unique system.

It’s a 2 tank system.

On the first tank what we have is a very high grade of carbon is called catalytic carbon. Catalytic carbon is designed to remove taste and odor and things like chlorine but it also is capable of removing a very large amount of chloramines. Chloramine is a mixture of ammonia and bleach and roughly 20% of the United States is using chloramines as their oxidizer instead of chlorine.

The upside to that is it doesn’t taste as bad to people.

Of course, I don’t want to drink any oxidizer.

The downside to it is it doesn’t taste as bad you don’t realize you’re drinking it and it’s also much more difficult to remove so we use catalytic carbon. It’s a very very high grade of carbon.

You can see here is what it looks like.

There is a whole bunch of it inside this tank, that’s Phase 1 

Now phase two or tank two is the anti-scaling media. The scaling medium looks like this it’s a white substance and it basically looks like resin beads that you would see in a water softener the difference is this doesn’t actually soften your water.

There are a lot of companies that you’ll find on the internet one of them is a bird right and they claim that they have a no salt water softener which is completely untrue.

What we have is a system that takes the calcium bicarbonate and converts it into calcium carbonate and the benefit of that is calcium bicarbonate is binding my nature so it sticks to the insides of your plumbing sticks to your faucets your fixtures are glasses everything.

Whereas the calcium carbonate actually doesn’t stick to anything but it will show after it dries and if we just a lot easier to wipe off. So it doesn’t stick to your water heater element your plumbing doesn’t build up and that’s the advantage of the no salt that and between the anti-scaling media and the carbon that we have.

This carbon will remove taste odor as I said and when you take a bath or shower you’re not breathing in those fumes.

to just to recap this is the tank that filters out the chlorine and chloramines taste, odors things like that this is a tank that converts the calcium bicarbonate into calcium carbonate. It keeps your water heaters your plumbing all your fixtures from being damaged and scaled up from the hard water and then the final stage is this here which is a new filter for us this polishes everything before it goes into your house.

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Thanks again “


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