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What Is An S6 Reverse Osmosis System

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Video Transcription

“Today we’re going to talk about the S6 Reverse Osmosis System.

Hi my name is Geno Yauchler the owner of Florida Water Analysis today we’re going to talk about the S6 Reverse Osmosis System we have another video that covers the S5 but let me just go ahead and give you the full workup on an S6.

In the S5 or S6 systems, you have 3 pre-filters the first stage is a 5 Micron. This will take out sediment, larger particles in again as we mentioned in the other video you’re looking at 5 Micron for filtration. You take human hair it’s about a hundred microns wide. That’s tiny okay so goes through that takes out the big particles then it goes in through two exact same filters these are carbon block filters. They take out VOC’s, they take out taste odor things like chlorine and chloramines Etc, okay and it goes through two make sure it does a really good job before it enters the membrane.

Now the membrane is actually in this housing here has a 50 gallon per day which can be upgraded to a hundred gallons per day so when it goes through that the good water is actually going to go into the storage tank over here the water that you don’t want which is all this stuff that I just mentioned the total dissolved solids everything that wasn’t filtered out through the first three that does all solids now be flushed down the drain now after it goes to the membrane and then it goes into the storage tank and this thing fills up with pressure and then shuts off but even during that process you can still use the water it’s then going to come out when you turn on one of these faucets that we have here it’s going to come out through this taste and odor filter in and out these faucets. 

If you add the S6 Mineral Cartridge which looks like this, we have a couple of different brands with this is our favorite it’s going to add calcium carbonate and basically what we do is we had this right in line on the system show as it’s filling the tank it grabs the minerals goes in the tank as it comes back out it’s going to pass through again to pick up more of those minerals know what the S6 purpose is is it to 1 and make the water tastes a little bit better some people complain about reverse osmosis water being flat or dull or just not tasting very good at all so when you add the minerals back into the water and makes it tastes better it brings the pH of which a lot of studies are showing that it’s actually a healthier thing for your gut regardless of any of that I prefer the taste of the S6 over the S5 everybody’s different okay so the S5 S6 reverse osmosis systems.

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