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Water Conditioning Vs Ion Exchange Water Softening

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Video Transcription

“Hi, my name is Geno Yauchler owner Florida Today I want to talk a little bit about the differences between a no-salt water conditioning system and a traditional water softening system.

I will start with the no-salt water system.

There’s a lot of them out there in the market actually some companies even say that they are no-salt water softeners but the only real water softening is when you remove things like calcium and magnesium and replace it with either sodium or potassium that’s water softening.

So anything else is not water softening just to be clear.

What the no-salt water conditioning system does, is the first stage is your carbon and this particular one from Florida Water Analysis has catalytic carbon which is a very high grade of carbon that will remove things like taste odor chlorine even chloramines which is a mixture of ammonia and bleach. That is a more difficult thing to remove we use catalytic carbon it’s a very very high grade of carbon you can see here.

The second stage is your anti-scaling media which is going to convert your calcium bicarbonate into calcium carbonate.

Calcium being the main thing that causes hardness in water so thats the no-salt water conditioning system which by the way is also non-electric.

This is the ion exchange water conditioning system.

This has resin carbon and a little bit of granules at the bottom so this is a mixed bed and some systems out on the market today are just water softeners.

I can think of some big names but we’ll spare that.

So you looking at ion exchange only and just take out your calcium magnesium and manganese which is a good thing to do but if you’re on City Water you want to also remove the chlorine so just like in the no-salt water conditioning system this also has that very high grade and expensive catalytic carbon to remove the chloramines and taste odor and chlorine.

Those two items are doing the main job the resin in the carbon and this particular one is metered so the water flows through the control valve and Spins and a meter and as it gets to the top of its gallonage it regenerates in the evening when you’re not using water.

So that’s a difference between the ion exchange water conditioning system and the no-salt water conditioning system.

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