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UV Water Sterilization System

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Video Transcription

Today we’re going to talk about the whole house UV for water and UV air conditioning ozone system.

My name is Geno Yauchler owner of Florida Water Analysis. Today we’re going to talk about the UV for water and the UV and ozone for your hair.

Let’s speak about the UV be for your water.

Inside this system, you have the water flows through here and flows out there and you have a bulb that’s inside of quartz sleeve. These bulbs emit ultraviolet light similar to the sun if you ever notice if you look at a building on the south side you don’t have any mold or mildew or anything growing on the building.

When you go to the north side of the building that’s where your mole grows that’s because the sun is not penetrating with a UV light so UV sterilization is very effective and sterilizing your water for any of the concerns like cryptosporidium Etc.

The bulb does that.

You have a sight glass and tell you that that’s working you can see that it’s lit and that’s UV for water.

Over here you have the UV for air. This is system here, we actually install this right in your air handler so there’s a seal there and we put this right up against it and you have one ball that uses it’s actually ultraviolet light to sterilize your air handler and the other bulb creates ozone and every time your air handler kicks on this bulb creates ozone when it kicks off at stops to this keeps your entire air duct system in your home germ-free for the most part of me that’s amazing what that does you can have cooking odors pet odors anything.

Inside air quality is 5 to 6 times dirtier than outside so this system can really make a difference in the healthiness of your home

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