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Reverse Osmosis System Maintenance

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Video Transcription

“Every year we’re going to go ahead and check your system but in the meantime, if you need anything whatsoever we have a sticker that we place right on your cabinet door it has our phone number on it and it also has instructions on how to turn the system off.

So we talked about the S5 and S6 Reverse Osmosis System let’s talk about the service.

Why would you need to service a system like this? Well,  just like the filters in your car. The filters get dirty inside the system. Here’s an example and this isn’t even close to as bad as some of the ones I’ve seen right and by the way that’s a brand-new one. So you want to change these out on an annual basis and in some cases more frequently than that if you’re on water, like a well, that’s really bad.  So I’ve seen these that look like they got jelly on the outside of them and they’re like total orange and just gross.

You have to rinse the filter out it is pretty nasty sometimes and what that’s really doing and you look on the inside is nice and white it’s filtering all the stuff you just don’t want to put in your body right.

Let’s get rid of that.

The next couple of filters, these are going to get rid of stuff that you really can’t see like chlorine taste all kinds of different Metals in the water supply. There filed with carbon that’s why after a little bit of time they brake down that’s why we change them out.

So you put brand new filters in.

How about the taste and odor filters? Why do you need to change that out? Well, the odor and taste filter is just that it’s getting rid of taste any odor that might be left you know from water being in the tank or whatever. So on a regular basis, this is going to also fill up with a little bit of whatever and an annual basis we change out the taste and odor filter and then finally when you look at your Mineral Cartridge. This actually needs to be changed out more frequently than just about any of the other ones because as the minerals become depleted and it’s all based on how much you use this system it’s going to get to the point where it’s not really giving you any of that pH positiveness. So you just change it out and you’re good to go for another cycle.

So hopefully that clears up, I know a lot of people ask why I don’t understand why I had to change it the filters don’t look that bad but there’s a lot of things that are breaking down that you can’t see until we just recommend just to be safe make sure you change filters on a regular basis.

We recommend every 6 months to a year on this and every year on the rest of them okay.

Thank you.

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