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Purified Water VS Bottled Water | Which Is Better?

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Video Transcription

“Did you know that 22 billion+ plastic water bottles get thrown in our landfills every year? That’s 60 million water bottles every single day.

I just found that out. My mind is just blown!

Take a look at purified water vs. a plastic bottle of water. When you buy a bottle of water or a case or whatever short-term yeah maybe you save money but as you, by 20-30 $40 a month that adds up do the math. Eventually, it’s going to break even and you’re going to be saving money with a reverse osmosis system.

Money is one thing but the other we talked about before, landfills. These are piling up. 60 million bottles A Day in the United States are going into the landfills and then the final thing is the plastic itself it’s made out of polyethylene terephthalate or P.e.t.e. it’s the number one recycle code on the bottom so take a look at your water bottle and see what I’m talking about or could be on the side or on the front on the top but this plastic when it gets to a certain temperature estimates I’ve heard is maybe 75 80 degrees it starts to grab ahold especially if it’s purified water there certain brands that are just pure water no minerals added and it’s going to pull that plastic off the inside if you’ve ever been in your car you’re thirsty you just got in it it’s hot you drink the water is warm it tastes like plastic well you are drinking the bottle

I heard research like the average person if they drink bottled water purely as their main source of drinking water you are almost ingesting about a bottle a week.

That very staggering stuff.

What that does to your body I don’t know why I’ve heard some rumors about some potentials for harming your body.

I’m not a doctor.

I don’t know.

All but I know is I don’t want plastic in the landfills and I don’t want it my body and I’m going to drink purified water till the day I die.

Thank you very much.

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Thanks again “


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