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How Does A Water Softener Work?

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Video Transcription

Today we’re talking about the ion exchange water conditioning system.

Hi, I’m Geno Yauchler owner of Florida Water Analysis.

Today we’re going to talk about the ion exchange water conditioning system. Inside this system right here are three components the first component is at the very base and you have your gravel granules. This secures the Riser tube in place and a little screen in the bottom so it doesn’t move around when they pour the other components in.

Next is your risen. These are little polystyrene beads and these are a very high-grade resin they’re designed to resist the breakdown during chlorination and all that so this is going to soften your water take out things like calcium, magnesium, manganese and even a little bit of iron stuff like that.

That’s the second component.

The third component is your catalytic carbon the exact same thing we put into water no-salt water conditioner.

We call this a carbon cap it goes on top so when we are on a well we don’t put this in there instead will use is the tannins resin.

So tannic acid is a very common thing in the State of Florida and we’ll test for it during our free Water Analysis so if you have tannins we put this as a mixed bed with your Ion exchange resin and it’ll remove all that including the tannins. 

So those are your components.

Now this one is a special unit it actually has…

Let me swing over here.

So let’s take a look at the control valve. This system here has a timer on it and it has all the different cycles that it goes through so if you take a look at regenerates it back flushes it does the brine rinse and the rapid rinse Burns settle Brian refill and back into service.

On here you can see all these different numbers.  What these are are are a hundred times each one of these and that’s how many gallons are going to go through your home.

So if you set it at 20 that’s 2000 gallons between regenerations that would mean that your water is really not that hard.

Typically here in Florida were more like the 10 so that would be a thousand gallons of water before it regenerates. On the backside, you can see this meter the water flows through and Spins and it tells this for this little guy here to regenerate.

The reason why we use the mechanical versus the digital is the digital we’re in the lightning capital of the world in Florida is inherently human so we don’t want to put a computer outside where most of these systems go and have a problem within 5-10 years.

We put a lifetime warranty on our systems because they last.

To recap.

This is our exchange water conditioning system with softening capabilities and also filtration.

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