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Reviews For Florida Water Analysis, Your Water Treatment Equipment Provider

Technician showed up right on schedule. Was very courteous and professional. Tested our water before and after. Explained everything in detail and showed us the before and after results. Would highly recommend Rick Yore (technician) and your company to anyone needing this service.
Jack ONeil
We are very pleased!
Jacqueline Blake
Installation technician was excellent. Very Helpful.
Suzanne Grainick
We feel the product is very good. The water is also very good. Bob was excellent in his explanation of the RO and its quality. His advice was well appreciated.
Louis P.
We met Steve, our sales rep, and Rick our installer yesterday. Both did an outstanding job of explaining, and installing our RO system. We couldn’t be happier. Steve explained the water analysis in understandable terms, and Rick installed it neatly, and properly cleaned up. Regards to both.
Joseph Levy
No Improvement needed. Everyone was outstanding. Keep up the great job!
Melissa R.
Everything is perfect. Thanks!
Luis D.
My over all satisfaction with the testing to installation is 10 stars! Jennifer really knew her testing and Jacob did an awesome job. You have great employees. I think they need a bonus.
Karen K.
Technician explained what my old water system should. It was off and would not come on. My water hasn't been working for months, if not years. But with my new system, the water taste is so much different from my old unit. Thank you Florida Water Analysis.
Dennis W.
Just want to thank Bob and also the fellas who installed my system. They were all courteous and professional and a pleasure to do business with.
Heather H.
Joe did a very good installation and Bob came back to check the system out. Very Pleased.
Bruce F.
Both genetlemen were courteous and knowledgeablr. Maintained a competment and professional demeanor. Answered all our questions. Your fortunate too have true professionals on your team. Thanks!
Robert M.
I wished there were more companies like yours. Honest and professional
Donald C.
Everything was great. The installers were nice guys and Phil was very nice and professional. I have been telling people about your service.
Perry S.
Happy customer, so far. Water tastes great, even the laundry comes out cleaner.
Robert C.
The technician and the installer were very good, they took time detailing how the unit works. I saw improvment washing my dishes. I'm also checking my skin. Thank you
Stanley R.
Presentation with water testing and installation. Personel were professional and effective and efficient.
Barry A.
The installer was very polite and did a good job.
Nancy R.
Both were very nice and professional. Thank you Charity and Batman
Barbara S.
Both my sales person, Jay and the installer Preston, were great
Teresa N.
So far so good. I like drinking water that doesn't smell and I know it is healthier now
Linda H.
We appreciate everything being taken care of in one day. Very friendly and yet professional technician and installer. Both listen and addressed our concerns. Thank you
Gary K.
We are very pleased with the honesty, professionalism, and friendly nature of all of FWA employees. You all have helped us greatly. Thank you so much
Pete T.
Can't think of anything you could had done beter. My back was hurting. Getting bottled water has been a problem
Geraldine C.
The installer worked so hard for hours connectiing the refrigerator water rear. He had to go through 2 cabinets and stove to reach the refrigerator. Great Worker!
Joan G.
Thank goodness Martha tested our water. What a welcome change! Thank you
Earle G.
Water taste has improved.
Ruthlyn W.
Mark did our installation and he was the best technician we ever interacted with. He was courteous, patient, and very sweet. We hope he is with you for a long time.
Barbara H.
Joe was very professional and never took time to take a break. We are enjoying clear, fresh water! Top notch experience, compliments to all of the staff.
Mary P.
Our Fliter whole house water softener system. We absolutly love it. Both Patrick and Ron(installer) were super professional and we appreciate the great job they did.
John T.
I would like to say a few words about the sale rep Joe, I found him to be extremely enthusiastic about the job that hes doing. He seems to care about the quality of water that people drink. The installer and Joe were very professional and personable and I would also like to thank the owner for the generosity towars me. Thank you
Jack C.
Your Men Covered everything very well!!
Dillard P.
Jonathan Marlow was so helpful in answering all of my questions. I look forward to his future visits.
Sandra S.
Lydia was vey professional, and she answered all our questions. Mark installed the equipment and came back to add more salt and tested the water. The office was helpful when I called for service
Sherry L.
I will recommend everyone I know of your products. Thank you very much, especially Johnathan
James R.
Extermly happy with our new system. I drink lots of water and enjoy it more now. I tested the water myself for chlorine and PH - Chlorine absent, PH is up which is desirable.
Marie B.
I am thrilled with our water now. Before our softener and especially the RO I suspected it was actually unsafe and unwise to drink it, due to heavy chlorine and 'swampy' taste. Now it tastes wonderfully and the 'chlorine sewer experience' is gone. I know I will be healthier for it.
Deborah G.
I called Florida Water Analysis wanting to learn the quality of my water but expecting a hard sell sales pitch for everything from filter equipment to water softeners. Imagine my surprise when I got a very nice and pleasant lady who quickly and efficiently checked the water, wrote me an analysis, told me the water was good and left without trying to shove anything I didn't want down my throat. I was amazed. I thought honesty and efficiency were gone. I would highly recommend this company. If you want to know what you are drinking but are hesitant to call because of all the scam artists and pushy sales people, call these guys. Darlene was fast, efficient, truthful and polite. A very nice person.
R. Schwab
The sale and installation was fast and painless. While we did have a problem during installation the service was prompt and fixed the issue. If this is a sign of their service/warranted products I have no problem recommending. Product worked as described and we have been very happy. I cannot understand who wouldn't get a purification system with how bad the water is in Florida. These guys are the ones to get it from!
Jacob Alexander
The best tasting water I have ever had!
Jay Proff
Extremely helpful staff!
Ashley Cano
Florida Water Analysis has a wonderful staff that are very respectful, And ALWAYS help the customers with all their needs. Keep up the great work!!
Sean Barr
I have to say when I first contacted Florida water analysis I was apprehensive. There's so many companies out there that just don't do your right and how do you know they're going to take care of you? I'm glad to say I took the plunge and I feel very good about my decision. Thank you so much for the excellent water.
Joseph Forest
They are all really nice people. Definitely recommend.
Andrina Brumbaugh
Compared to my previous water purification systems this is by far the best reverse osmosis system I have ever had ! Crystal Clear ! They focus on the customers needs and work with you to provide you with the best water you will ever have ! Highly recommend !
Samantha Anstey
They sell great quality equipment at fair prices. No one in Florida should live without clean water.
Greg Luce
Florida water analysis review: The water at my sink is amazing. Not only that, buy my showers are so much better. No chlorine, and my hair is soft. Thanks FWA!
Angela's Ski Videos Vanzandwyk
We had ION Exchange & Reverse Osmosis installed one week ago and are very pleased with the improvement in our water. We were happy with the sales technician (Howard) and the installation technician (Josh). Both were most informative, capable and expert in their fields.
Richard McCauley
I have a drinking water system and there's a big difference in the way the water tastes and there is no odor to it now and it feels good to be drinking for once water that is not contaminated and I'm very happy with my filter and I recommend it to anybody that's why I gave them 5 stars. Try it you won't be disappointed.
Evelyn Robles Giboyeaux
Florida Water Analysis is a great company. The owner and the managers really do care about providing excellent drinking water along with top notch service to all their customers. Florida's water quality is one of the worst in the nation. Florida Water Analysis strives to improve the water for every resident throughout Florida. Great People!
Tracy Clark-Smith
Very happy with Florida Water Analysis. I have been using them for three years now. I have several systems installed. I had a complex problem last week with my IRO system I had hooked up to two tanks. The owner came out right away and fixed it...thank you! I've also had nothing but great service the entire time. Every employee that has been over to or in my home has been trustworthy. That's important to me.
John Sugar
We love Florida Water Analysis! For the past two years we have not purchased any plastic bottles of any kind for our home or our business. That is a huge savings and it feels good knowing that we are helping the environment. They do a great installation and keep track of your filter changes for you. The water tastes great and I would highly recommend them!
Gaston Vargas
Love having the system and the installation was very professional. It is great to not have to buy water and then carry it home. Thank you Florida Water Analysis nice job!
Cherie Torelli
The people at the office are all very helpful and will help you with all your water needs
Sean Barr
Great service, friendly employees! I am so glad to have fresh, clean water right from the tap!
Amanda Parker
Best tasting water! Highly recommended. Customer service is top notch, and they go above and beyond what you'd expect. Thank you!
Jason Corey
Water is much softer don't have to use hand lotion any longer and the water tastes great. Thank you Florida Water Analysis!
Temma Brooks
The people are very nice and easy to work with. They take care of everything.
Andrina Brumbaugh
Always go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. Wouldn't consider using anyone else!
Brent C Bowman
Perfect water couldn't ask for more
Jessica Mauro
Bought a No Salt system with a purifier and am so happy. No salt, and no bottles! Should have done this long ago. I did a ton of research, and I chose Florida Water Analysis because they have a good company. Everyone treated my wife and I with respect. Thanks for you! It's good to see a good company out there!!!
Phil V.
I had no idea that the water would taste so good. Also, really cool that our ice cubes are so much clearer now and the technicians were so nice and quick. Thanks! I will provide a reference any time.
Zachary H.
Florida Water Analysis is a GREAT company. There is no need to purchase anymore water bottles for our home with thier water purification system installed. That is a huge savings and it feels good knowing that we are helping the environment. It also increases the value of our home! They do a great installation and keep track of your filter changes for you. The purified water tastes great and the benefits of having a water conditioner are great. I would highly recommend them!
Amy O.

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I called Florida Water Analysis wanting to learn the quality of my water but expecting a hard sell sales pitch for everything from filter equipment to water softeners[...]
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