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Florida Water Analysis service technicians are trained to operate, maintain and troubleshoot all types of water purification systems.

Let us help you with your water sterilization system maintenance needs. We offer services for all kinds of water purification systems. Contact our Florida Water Analysis experts to get started with our water sterilization system maintenance.

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Water Sterilization Maintenance

water sterilization maintenance

Chlorination systems use chlorine to treat well water. The only maintenance you need to perform on these types of systems is just adding more chlorine when the tank is getting low.

Ultraviolet systems use a UV lamp to sterilize the water. Unlike regular light bulbs, UV Lamps do not burn out – they solarize. This means that over time they reduce in their light wave intensity to about 60% of what a new UV lamp provides. This point is reached usually after one year, or 9000 hours, of continuous use. After a year of use it is recommended for you to replace the lamp.

Water running through a UV system often carries minerals, sediment, and other debris. These contaminants will eventually build up on the UV quartz sleeve that protects the UV lamp. The UV sleeve needs cleaning and replacement every two years. 

Professional Services

Professional Water Purification TechOur experienced team of technicians will provide professional maintenance services for your system to ensure it is running at peak performance at your home.

Save Time

save timeAll of our technicians have many years of maintenance service experience. This allows them to work efficiently thus saving you time.

Peace Of Mind

save timeBy using our maintenance services you will be ensured that you have clean and safe drinking water for many years to come.

If you are looking for water sterilization system maintenance in Florida call 863-662-5570 or complete our online request form.