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Florida Water Analysis service technicians are trained to operate, maintain and troubleshoot all types of water purification systems.

Let us help you with your water filtration system installation needs. We offer services for all kinds of water purification systems. Contact our Florida Water Analysis experts to get started with our water filtration system installation.

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Water Filtration System Installation

water filtration installation

Ensuring the water used in your home is clean and free of contaminants might be the most important health-related home upgrade you can make. After you select and buy the right water filtration system, you’ll want to plan how to install it safely and securely. Many people choose professional installation and we can help. Whether it’s an under sink filtration system or a whole house water filter install Florida Water Analysis can help you with your Water Filtration System Installation needs.

We have home water filtration systems that come in a variety of models and filter types. Before you choose which type to install in your house, you should get to know more about the multiple types and uses of home water filter systems.

Professional Installation

Professional Water Purification TechOur experienced team of technicians will provide professional filtration installation for your system to ensure it is installed correctly and running at peak performance at your home.

Save Time

save timeAll of our technicians have many years of installation experience. This allows them to work efficiently thus saving you time.

Peace Of Mind

save timeBy hiring Florida Water Analysis you will be ensured that you have a cleanly installed system that will provide safe drinking water for many years to come.

Filter Type

  • Reverse Osmosis – This process features removing dissolved inorganic solids using your household water pressure (typically around 50 to 60 psi). Reverse osmosis filtration pushes tap water through a semipermeable membrane filter.
  • Carbon Filtration – The principle of chemical absorption removes contaminants and impurities from tap water using activated carbon filters. Just a pound of activated carbon offers a surface area of around 100 acres; therefore, activated carbon is extremely efficient as a filter. Active charcoal carbon filters will remove chlorine, odors, sediment, other volatile organic compounds, and improve the taste of water.

Filter System Size

  • Point Of Use (Under The Sink) – Point Of Use installation eliminates the bulky filters on the ends of your kitchen faucet arm. This type of install is the most cost-effective installation for individual sinks. 
  • Whole House System – These are the most complete and complex systems for your home. Typically, whole house installations are used when you care about your home water quality in more than two locations in your house. The installation of these systems is identical for all filter types since they differ only in the way water is filtered and the contaminants they eliminate.

Pre-Treatment Summary Chart

Recommended Feed Water RangePotential EffectPre-Treatment Solution
TDS ( < 2000 ppm )Reduced production rate. Increased salt passageContact Florida Water Analysis/ Replace water source
Hardness( < 6 grains/gal )Scaling of the membrane surface. Reduced production rateAutomatic Softener
Total Iron ( < .05 ppm )Reduced production rate. Fouling of the membrane surface. Iron deposits in equipmentIron remover ( > 5 ppm ). Softener ( levels < 5 ppm )
Tannins ( < .5 ppm )Reduced production rate. Fouling of membrane surfaceSoftener with organic scavenger resin
Chlorine ( < .1 ppm )Permanent membrane damage. Increased salt passageCarbon filter
pH ( 5.5 – 9.5 )Internal corrosion. Lime scaling in equipment. Plumbing damageReplace the water source. Adjust pH
Organic or Microbiological Activity ( 0 )Reduce production rate. Fouling of the membrane surface. The sliming of pre-treatment equipment, odorUV Disinfection by 1-micron filtration. Well chlorination
Manganese ( < .05 ppm )Reduce production rate. Fouling of membrane surfaceManganese Greensand Filter
Hydrogen Sulphide( < 0 )Rotten egg odor. Internal corrosionIron remover ( < 1 ppm ) Manganese Greensand Filter ( > 1 ppm )


Now you know the different water filtration options available to you. The prices for each filter type vary, as do professional installation services. Florida Water Analysis is proud to offer water filtration system installation services to Florida residents.

You should have your water supply tested to learn the contaminants in your city water or well. Once you test your tap water, you will know the appropriate type of filter you need (reverse osmosis or carbon filtration) point of use, or a whole house water filtration system.

If you are looking for water filtration system installation in Florida call 863-662-5570 or complete our online request form.