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Ion Exchange Water Softener

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WarrantyLimited Lifetime
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The Florida Water Analysis Ion Exchange Water Softener provides softened water using salt, potassium, or tannins resin. Don’t worry, your water will not taste salty. This system contains the highest quality resin and carbon and is designed for the long haul.

Our water softeners come standard with a high capacity resin tank, and a limited lifetime warranty on the electronic head. If you are looking to invest in a salt-based water softening system for your home then the Florida Water Analysis Ion Exchange Water Softener is your answer.


  • Taste
  • Odor
  • VOCs
  • Radon
  • Arsenic
  • Chlorine
  • Hardness
  • Sediment
  • Chloramines
  • Lead and Other metals
  • And much more!


The Florida Water Analysis Salt Water Softener

  • Large tank size
  • High capacity resin
  • Easy to use head
  • High flow rate
  • Standard bypass included

The Florida Water Analysis Ion Exchange Water Softener

  • 7-Year Limited Lifetime Warranty on Electronic Head
  • Premium Bypass Valve Included for Easy Maintenance
  • Premium Ion Exchange Water Softener Electronic Head For Quiet and Efficient Performance
  • Timmer Delayed Backwash for Minimal Water Waste, Only Backwash When You Need To!
  • Treated Water Regeneration – For Optimum Performance and Cleaning

How Does A Salt-Based Water Softener Work?

There Are 3 Important Steps To Softening:

  • Backwashing Phase: This removes dirt from the mineral tank and is part of the regeneration process
  • Regeneration Phase: The mineral tank is recharged with sodium from the brine tank solution and displaces calcium and magnesium, which is then washed down the drain during the Backwashing Phase.
  • Rinse Phase: The mineral tank is rinsed with freshwater and loads the brine tank so that it is ready for the next cycle.

As water passes through the mineral tank, the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions are lost to negatively-charged plastic beads. The brine tank holds a solution of water and salt that flushes the mineral tank and replaces the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium. Recharging cycles are controlled by the head on the top of the tank (normally once every 7 days).

Specs And Product Information

Tank Height:54″
Tank Width:10″
Flow Rate:12 GPM
Connection Size:3/4″
Operating Pressure:25-80 PSI
Operating Temperatures:36-120 F
pH Range:6.5-11
Grain Capacity:48,000
Drain Size:3/4″ (50′ Supplied)
Brine Tank:18″ by 33″ Round Brine Tank
Body:Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer valve body
Controls:5600 controls are user-friendly and easily programmable
Meter:Demand regeneration with a mechanical meter
Economical:Small annual power consumption
Backwash:Designed with double backwash

System Includes

  • Florida Water Analysis Ion Exchange Water Softener
  • Brine tank with float and drain
  • Bypass valve and fittings (1″)
  • 50ft. drain line (3/4″)
  • Installation of the Ion Exchange Water Softener


Warranty Information

Florida Water Analysis (herein referred to as FWA) hereby warrants the following components against defect from manufacturing for the lifetime of the original purchaser: the brine tank, treatment tank, and the control valve.

  1. If these parts have been determined to have failed as a result of a manufacturer defect, FWA will repair or replace the defective part at NO CHARGE to the original purchaser (excluding labor) for the duration of the original purchaser’s residency at the location of original installation.
  2. In addition, FWA warrants all of the following for a period of 8 years: all electrical components, and the media bed, including resin and carbon. After 8 years from the purchase date, the Lifetime warranty will continue for these items at 50% coverage, based on current list prices, with the terms stated in statement 1 at 50% coverage.
  3. All Labor for new installs will be warranted by FWA for one year after installation of equipment.

Exclusions to Warranty

This warranty will be considered void if the following should occur: Collisions or accidents caused by others, improper use or installation, maintenance, or service by a third party or a third-party product, abuse, misuse, modification, or neglect, force of nature: such as a flood, UV damage, chemical fallout, collapse of well, or any natural disasters. Unit(s) must be serviced at least once a year by FWA to keep the warranty intact. (if applicable, filter changes, tune-ups, well maintenance services, UV bulbs, Etc.)

If you are looking for a water softening system in Florida call 863-662-5570 or complete our online request form.