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veggies in the sink
veggies in the sink

Inline Water Filters Increases The Longevity for Your Possessions

Our inline water filters helps extend the life of water using appliances including Water Softeners, Washing Machines, Water Heaters, as well as Plumbing & Clothing. This inline water filter ends up paying for itself in the long run by removing contaminants in your water that end up costing you more money on the things you use everyday.

Superior Inline Water Filters Removes Chlorine & Chlorine By Products

These are oxidizers. If left in the water after treatment from our utilities, it can cause some negative side effects. Our Water Treatment Company uses these types of inline water filters in our installs because catalytic activated carbon has a much higher capacity for chlorine reduction. In addition, catalytic activated carbon filters can more effectively reduce THMs and chloramines

Inline Water Filter For Refrigerators And Ice Makers

Installing an inline water filter for your refrigerator and ice maker will remove the bad taste from drinking water and ice cubes. Our inexpensive inline water filters for refrigerators and ice makers will reduces chlorine, rust, sediment and odors. Call Florida Water Analysis today to get your inline water filter installed on your refrigerator so you can start enjoying better tasting water today!

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Customer Reviews

Professional from first point of contact to the finished product installer. Water is important to earthlings and these folks deliver the cleanest water system's in Florida[...]
- UniversalsoldierDave
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I was in a rush to get the well water tested prior to new tenants moving into our house. FWA came and took a water sample, had it tested and supplied a report concluding that[...]
- Laurie Gomez
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I called Florida Water Analysis wanting to learn the quality of my water but expecting a hard sell sales pitch for everything from filter equipment to water softeners[...]
- R. Schwab
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