No Salt Water Conditioner


  • No Salt
  • No Wasted Water
  • No Scale
  • No Chlorine
  • No Electricity
  • Proudly Made In the USA
Hard Water Can Be A Major Problem

Since the beginning of common day plumbing systems, people have had to deal with hard water.  If we wanted to prevent corrosion, and avoid the many other extra expenses and hassles that go along with hard water, we used a salt system.

Catalytic Carbon

Added for reduction of Chlorine, Taste, Odor, Heavy Metals, and many other impurities.  Catalytic Carbon is also designed for reduction of Chloramines and other, harder to remove impurities standard carbon cannot remove.  This is the highest grade available.

Anti-Scaling Media

Added to prevent the build up of hardness minerals in all of the downflow areas (plumbing, washing machines, water heaters, kettles, etc.) This media transforms Calcium ions into Calcium crystals, which are stable and cannot attach to pipes, surfaces, hardware, etc.

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