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Below you will find helpful water softener tips, articles, and resources that will help you understand the problems you will face with hard water.

By following our water softener tips you will be saving money by reducing your water and electricity costs.

Once the hard water-producing minerals are eliminated, your family will enjoy the benefits of soft water. The following results are what you and your family will notice once you have a water softener installed.

  • Reduced soap scum on tubs, sinks, and faucets
  • No hard water spots on glassware and dishes
  • Laundry will be brighter while using 50% less detergent
  • Scale build up in your plumbing is reduced
  • Up to 29% lower power consumption of your water heater
  • The lifespan on your appliances is greatly increased
  • Decreased amount of cleaning agents and excess water going down the drain

You may have noticed that you will be cleaning less, spending less on soaps, electricity, and water. This will effectively lower your carbon footprint and your home’s impact on the environment.

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