9 Facts To Know During A Boil Water Advisory [New Research]
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Written by: Donavan Jones on October 17, 2018

9 Major Facts To Know To Stay Healthy During A Boil Water Advisory

boiling waterA Boil Water Advisory is a public health recommendation for residents to boil tap water for at least one minute before drinking it. This is in response to an event that could have allowed contaminants to enter the water distribution system. The boiled water is used for washing fruits and vegetables, making ice, washing dishes, or using it for brushing your teeth. A Boil Water Advisory is made to protect your health.

When a Boil Water Advisory is issued there is a known microbiological contamination in the water supply or there is a risk that contamination may be present in the water supply. Advisories are made under the Public Health Act. Typically, a Boil Water Advisory is issued after a water main break, small or widespread loss of pressure in the water system, or during a natural disaster.

1. Can I Drink Tap Water During A Boil Water Advisory

You can drink the tap water during a Boil Water Advisory as long as the water has been boiled for at least 1 minute. You can store and cool the boiled water in a covered container for later use.

2. How Long Is the Boiled Water Safe To Use

Once the water is boiled, it is safe to use. You should cover it and store it in the refrigerator for later use. If it is covered and safe from contamination then it will remain safe to use.

3. Can I Bathe In Tap Water During A Boil Water Advisory

You can bathe using your tap water, be careful not to swallow any water. Use caution when bathing babies and young children.

4. Can My Pets Drink The Tap Water During A Boil Water Advisory

Your pets should also drink boiled water during A Boil Water Advisory

5. What If I drank Some Tap Water Before I Knew About The Boil Water Advisory

A Boil Water Advisory is issued as a precaution. You getting sick from the tap water is very low. If you begin to have a fever, diarrhea, or nausea you should seek medical attention.

6. Can I use My Activated Charcoal Filter System To Treat My Water During A Boil Water Advisory

No, these filters are not designed to remove microbiological contamination from unsafe water. If you used your filter during a Boil Water Advisory, it is recommended that you throw away the filter and replace it with a new one once the Boil Water Advisory is over. A UV Water filter will destroy the microorganisms in your tap water.

7. Can I use My Tap Water To Make Baby Formula Or Drink

No. Any water for baby food, formula, or making drinks must be boiled and then cooled before it is safe for your baby.

8. Can I Use My Coffee Maker During A Boil Water Advisory

No, most coffee makers cannot maintain high enough temperatures for long enough time to make the water safe.

9. Is A Boil Water Advisory The Same As A Boil Water Notice

A Boil Water Advisory is when water contamination is possible. In an advisory, it is recommended that affected people boil their water before consuming it.

A Boil Water Notice is when contamination is confirmed in the water system. During a notice, affected people must boil their water before consuming it.

Why Choose Florida Water Analysis

Anytime you must use water during a Boil Water Advisory you should boil it, especially if there is a chance the water can enter your body. Call Florida Water Analysis today if you are interested in a UV Water Filter. These filters will kill the microorganisms in unsafe water and give you peace of mind about your water during a Boil Water Advisory and Boil Water Notices.


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