“Very happy with the service.”

– Submitted by Susan D. on 11/16/2016. Submitted to BBB.


“Their Reverse Osmosis system is amazing! I’ve never had such great tasting water from my tap, especially with the S-6 that adds minerals that are great for my stomach. Highly recommend this company any time!”

– Submitted by Zachary H. on 5/26/2016. Submitted to Yelp.


“Matt did a wonderful job hooking up our system!  He was very courteous and installed the system professionally and quickly. We are happy with the system so far. Matt gets a 5 star review, but the system is still too new to rate any higher than 3 stars.”

– Submitted by K.H. on 7/31/2016. Submitted to Yelp.


“I call the owner Geno. and asked him if he would donate a drinking water system to rise money for a girls camp. he said yes before I could finish what I needed to say . and told me he would even send one of his master installers to install it for free. I was shocked at first . but as I talk more with Geno I found that he cares about people and loves to help when he can. GOD has blessed this man with a heart of charity. the person that won the ro drinking water system loves it . she told me they did a great job install it. and she loves the taste of it. and she buying one for her daughter. I would highly recommend this company to anyone that wants a company that will be there for them.” 

–  Submitted by Clay I. on 08/13/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“Florida Water Analysis Review: I purchased a water softener and water purifier. I couldn’t be happier! The water in Florida is terrible and this system made my water perfect in the same day. Great Company and Great Prices. I financed and had a 1% payment. You can’t beat that. I highly recommend this company.”

– Submitted by Kelly C. on 08-10-2015. Submitted to BBB.

“I love Florida Water Analysis! There is no need to purchase bottled drinking water with the system. That is a huge savings and it feels good knowing that we are helping the environment. They do a great installation and keep track of your filter changes for you. It also increases the value of a home. The water tastes great and I would highly recommend them!”

     – Submitted by Amy O. on 08/05/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“I had the opportunity to speak to the owner Geno. I asked him if he would donate one of his reverse osmosis systems for a girls camping fundraiser . He did not hesitate and gladly donated one of his reverse Osmosis systems . Ironically I won the system at the fun raiser. And Florida water analysis came out to my home installed it for me for free and gave me a lifetime warranty . I absolutely love the taste in the quality of the water from the system. I would highly recommend this company to anyone their service and their charity is wonderful.”

 – Submitted by Clayton N. on 07/31/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“Florida Water Analysis installed a reverse osmosis system for us. I love that my ice cubes are crystal clear. The water has no taste (a huge improvement over either bottled water or my softened water). The salesman was quite knowledgeable–he had much research to back his facts on water quality in Florida. My husband is a science teacher, so this was important to him. The installation was done promptly. We had a great experience with this company.”

 – Submitted by Linda on 02/20/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“We are on a well and have a lot of iron and sulfur in our water. The Florida Water Analysis salesman was knowledgeable, informative, and polite. The installation was done promptly and professionally. I feel I thoroughly understand my water system and am pleased with how much better our drinking water tastes and how much our home water quality has improved – no more red iron rings in the toilet! Working with this company has been a very positive experience.”

     – Submitted by A on 02/19/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“The technician which I bought the system was very informative also the installers did a good job with the installation. I definitely enjoy the water that I purchase with Florida Water Analysis and am overall satisfied with the service and customer service.”

       – Submitted by Carolyn W. on 01/12/2015. Submitted to BBB.

“Excellent customer service, professional, quick, fair.”

     – Submitted by Anonymous on 09/16/2016. Submitted to Angie’s List.

“I had them install a reverse osmosis system for our kitchen and ice maker about three years ago and have been very happy with it and the thier service/employees. Having been happy with them, after discussing my water needs and desires, I just had the DualCon system installed for the entire house. This company has exceeded my expectations in all areas. Employees are competent, on-time, friendly and honest. I really didn’t expect such good people from this type of a company/service. Marvin, who dug a ditch for part of the installation, cleaned the dirt off himself and took his shoes off entering the house w/o me asking. Details like that go a long way with me. Everything that needed to be done was explained beforehand and I was asked to make sure to let them know of any questions, concerns. I rarely write reviews anywhere, they deserve it. I noticed they have an A+ rating with the BBB, so I must not be the only one happy with them.”

 – Submitted by Anonymous on 11/16/2015. Submitted to Angie’s List.