This page is dedicated to public awareness, we want to enlighten as many people as we can of the inadequacy of Florida’s water; after all we are ranked one of the worst in the nation and have the lowest standards for water! We are here to inform you of what could be in your water, how it gets there, what the short and long term effects can be, and the solutions available to you and how to resolve your personal water problems. Please feel free to skim through and read any articles that peek your interest, send us any questions you may have, and keep checking back for when we make another pertinent post!


Environmental Working Group


While diving into the first page, we will discover Florida’s drinking water quality, what contaminants are present, the legal limits, and the violations of these limits. This is a perfect example of how standards and regulations can be ignored or lowered by companies. So why leave it up to them? Take the quality of your water into your hands today.

The second link provides you a way to see what they actually report is in the water in your zip code, through your specific water company. This will give you a general idea of what your working with and give you a beginning to resolving it. We can also help with our company’s free water testing, which can be set up for you through a phone call, an email, or just a click.


◊ Florida’s Water Reports from EWG

◊ EWG’s What’s In Your Water Page



 Water Softeners


The information provided for you on the page below is knowledge acquired on water softeners and how they work. It is important to understand what can be done about hard water and the effects it has on your household, without you even knowing that it may be the cause. We gathered this information to inform people on the downsides of having hard water, and the ways to improve upon that.


◊ How Water Softeners Work



Water Treatment Technologies

This guide was provided by the Center for Disease Control in order to inform the public on different types of water treatment systems, how they work, and the benefits of each individual entity. Remember every household has a different water supply, therefore it has a different issue and resolution, here we can help you identify some solutions to your precise water problem.


◊ CDC’s Guide To Water Treatment Technologies



Fluoride: What It’s Doing In Our Water


The topic of fluoride’s presence in our water supply has been a controversial topic discussed over the last few decades. Below you will find some good hard facts about fluoride, where it came from, why it was introduced, and the importance of filtering it out of our water systems. Despite any predispositions you may have about fluoride, whether your in favor or not, please take a look at the information provided below to ensure you are fully informed about the whole picture.


◊ Our Daily Dose

◊ An Inconvenient Tooth


Hard Water and What It Means For You



Understanding hard water and what it does are just a part of what is discussed here. Hard water is one of the most common problems, and has risks concerning health and wellness. It is important to be educated on the facts in order to fix the problem and better shield your household from the dangers that lurk in hard water.


◊ The Dangers of Hard Water