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As a leader in  water filtration in Florida, we provide whole house water treatment and softener solutions for high-quality drinking water and soft water for your home. Water conditioning and soft water solutions include water softeners, water filtration systems, reverse osmosis water filters, and drinking water filters. Feel free to chat with one of our representatives right now - just click the green online button below!

What's in your water?

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Whether you have hard water, water odors, well water or just bad tasting water, we can test it. Whatever water problem you may be facing, our skilled water technicians will discover the problem. We test for (TDS) total dissolved solids, chlorine & chloramines, PH levels, iron, sulfur, tannic acid, nitrates and water hardness. We can run other tests upon request.

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When you schedule a water test with us, we do it right in the comfort of your own home - there is no need to pay to have samples sent out. We will provide you with a free accurate water analysis with your results right on the spot.

What's In Your Water?

"Florida Water Analysis Review: We had a water purifier installed and love it. We only pay $16/month. Less than I was spending on bottled water. Everyone in this company has been very nice to work with."

     - S. Bates VIA Google Review

We maintain what we say and do. Our reputation and relationships are our livelihood and we love to make you happy! We are a family owned and oriented company that generally cares about its' fellow Floridians. Please don't hesitate to get your free, no obligation water test today. You have nothing to lose. Still on the fence? Take a look at our reviews!

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"We love Florida Water Analysis! For the past two years we have not purchased any plastic bottles of any kind for our home or our business. That is a huge savings and it feels good knowing that we are helping the environment. The water tastes great and I would highly recommend them!"

       - G. Vargas VIA Facebook Review

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"I was very impressed by your 'workers'. You have a very pleasant group. I will recommend your company to all of my friends."

    - Joy House

This is a public awareness program offering water testing, free to all FL residents, sponsored by FWA.